Hurricane Irma

Weston's response to Hurricane Irma is continuing and we remain available to accept claim reports 24 hours a day via any of the methods listed at the bottom of this page.

If a Weston insured property suffered damage due to Hurricane Irma and a claim has not yet been filed, please report it to us as soon as possible using one of the methods listed below. An adjuster will be assigned and will respond as quickly as possible. Please make temporary repairs as necessary to protect property from additional loss and keep receipts for reimbursement claims. Weston has contractors available to assist with emergency repairs. If possible, we urge policyholders to take photos of any damage before any repairs are undertaken and submit those photos to Weston in support of their claim.

We have been advised by some Policyholders that they are receiving calls and visits from people misrepresenting themselves as Weston representatives. Please note that all claims intake is being handled by Weston's third party claims administrator, North American Risk Services ("NARS"), and Policyholders can call NARS at 877-505-3040 to confirm the identity of field adjusters, emergency repair firms and engineers that have been assigned to their claim on behalf of Weston. For your information, the following are lists of the primary claim response partners working with Weston:

Field Adjusting Firms:

Emergency & Repair Services:

Engineering Firms:

If a person contacting a Policyholder is not with one of these firms, we ask that the Policyholder contact NARS to determine whether they are in fact a representative of Weston.

Please rest assured that Weston is at the ready to help you with your claim and the repair of your property.

Repair Vendors & Assignments of Benefits

Weston has repair vendors available to assist you with emergency and permanent repairs. If you choose to hire your own repair vendor, please protect your rights by reading all documents carefully before signing anything, particularly ones that contain an "Assignment-of-Benefits" clause or form. If you sign a contract with a repair vendor containing an "Assignment-of-Benefits" provision, you will have legally assigned all the rights to your policy for your Hurricane Irma claim to someone who has no interest in you, your property or timely recovery. All assigned proceeds from the policy you've paid premiums for will from that point on be paid only to the repair vendor with whom you contracted. You trusted us and your agent to insure your home for events just like Irma. We ask that you please give us the opportunity to provide you with the claim service you deserve rather than force us to pay an unknown third party instead.


We are here for you and want to help you recover from your loss as quickly as possible. To expedite the process, please notify us as soon as safely possible following a loss event. If you are a Weston policyholder with a loss claim, you can notify us via one of the following methods:

If you are notifying us of a claim via fax or e-mail, please include your policy number and the best phone number on which to reach you.